How To Rid Dog Urine Out Of The Garage Concrete Floor

Hi Ken the Odor Dude here. So often we get the job of removing severe dog urine from concrete garage floors and although this sounds difficult it is not.

Urine has a sticky component that penetrates concrete to the deepest levels and therefore needs a strong treatment with excellent chemicals to break it down and remove the terrible stench. We use a very simple 4 piece formulation that you can make at home. Click here for more details. It is very cheap to use and works a treat!
dog urine in concrete

Dog urine will penetrate concrete and become very challenging to remove due to the porosity of concrete.

As an example If you put a piece of concrete under a microscope you will see hundreds of small holes that make up the composition of your concrete floor so imagine when you your cat or dog takes a leak on your concrete floor the problems you are going to have if you don’t know how to remove it properly..

Here are some insider tips to help you Remove Cat Or Dog Urine from concrete

Step No 1

Identify the area where the urine is situated first and apply a heavy dose of formula 2. If you are unsure of where the dog urine is then pour some of the 4 piece formula on the ground and look for white foaming.

Step No 2

Once you have found the contaminations pour about 5 pints of the solution onto the areas. You can find the formula on our information page.
The longer the odor control product is left on the ground the better result you will get.

Remembering how we discussed how absorbent concrete is and how much fluid you need to ensure the chemical penetrates deep into the concrete to solve the odor issue you have.Leave the chemical to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes so it has a chance to soak into the porous concrete.
You will notice more white foaming at this stage which is the chemical working on the urine residues and this is totally normal. The chemical will start to break down the urine residues so they are able to be removed easily as shown in the next step. It is important to extract the broken down residues with a quality wet vacuum or extraction unit that can suck up liquids.

cat or dog urine in concrete
Step No 3

Once the chemical stops foaming (can take longer than 10 minutes depending on how severe the contamination is) the chemical has burnt itself out and it is time to extract the residues using a wet vacuum cleaner.
Suck up all the residues so you have a clean concrete floor and give it the sniff test. If there is still strong odor there repeat the process.

In severe cases you will need to bolster the formulation by increasing the powder additive up to 10% more. I have also had to over the years seal a couple of areas as the urine was so deep and so old that sealing the floor after an acid wash was a perfect solution and reduced the smell to nothing. The owner was happy and so was I as my labor cost did not run out too much and I was able to move onto the next job. I used a 2 pack epoxy sealer but it is critical to understand that the salt in the urine will corrode the sealer if you do not follow the steps above.

So now you have the insider tips on How To Rid Dog Urine Out Of The Garage Concrete Floor and you will be able to sort out that horrible stench in your garage floor. If you have cat or dog urine smell in carpet then click here

All the best Ken

2 thoughts on “How To Rid Dog Urine Out Of The Garage Concrete Floor

  1. michelle

    Hi Ken,
    I have synthetic grass laid (glued) on concrete which is my dog’s “bathroom” so they will continue to pee there. Will this product remove/lessen the odour that occurs when the grass gets hot and will it harm my synthetic grass when used constantly? Cheers, Michelle


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