How to get rid of urine smell in bathroom

With young children or incontinent elderly folk in your house, the chance of the occasional accident around the toilet through people missing the bowl  is very high, and the urine that soaks into the grout or underneath the linoleum can can produce strong odor and be a health hazard if it is not treated correctly.

We have found over the years that with our formula is very effective (formula two) for treating these types of areas with ease. Urine can be a  challenging odor to remove and using our simple 3 step urine neutralizer technique solves  the problem and leaves the area left smelling fresh and sanitized.

Unfortunately just cleaning the floor with normal household cleaners will not neutralize the urine, and in time harmful bacteria and viruses will form, coupled with that terrible stale urine odor that is so unpleasant.

Typically if your flooring substrate around the actual toilet itself is not permeable i.r. urine can not penetrate in then you should have no problems in cleaning the area with normal household cleaners,  however tiles with grout or “tired” linoleum that allows urine to get under the lino will cause big odor problems for you in time. Old linoleum is the worst offender coupled with a chipboard floor and you have a big problem. You need a specialist product and a specialist technique outlined below to remove the urine and the odor.

Below is an actual job we did recently in a deceased estate where the urine in the flooring could be smelt as you entered the home. It was very strong however formula two dealt to it in a short time as shown.

This photo shows the flooring substrate with the formula applied to it (note the foaming as the product goes to work on the urine residues).

Step One. Mix up the professional odor neutralizer product.

Step Two. Apply the product to the floor with a spray pack. Look for foaming to indicate the worst areas.

Step Three. Apply a heavy solution to the affected areas and leave it for 5-10 minutes or until foaming finishes.

This photo shows the urine 50% eaten by the non toxic product  (note the foaming has reduced).

urine smell in the flooring of the bathroom

Step Four. After 5 minutes you can extract the residues out with a wet vac as shown below. removing-urine-odor-wet-vac You can use the wet vac for carpet and furniture also and perfect for those times when you cat or dog vomits on the carpet too!!. Great for wine spills on the carpet and you can use formula one and a wet vac together no problems.

Alternatively use old towels and throw then away after soaking up the mess.

Once you have extracted the area repeat the steps again.

When the residues are no longer yellow then you know you have removed the urine residues. Mop the floor as you normally would, dry it and you are all done.

This is how to get rid of urine smells in your bathroom

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