How to get rid of dog urine smell in yard

Ken The Odor Dude

Ken The Odor Dude

Hi It is Ken the Odor Dude here and I can help you remove dog poo odor and dog urine odor from your yard or garage and BBQ area easily and effectively.

Here is the step by step tips to remove dog urine from your yard or patio.

Step No One
Find the source of the dog urine smell.

Sounds basic right? Well most people miss this vital step and end up not treating the right area. Most yards have concrete and grass that can be contaminated so it is important to find exactly where the urine is.


How to find out the exact location?

Real simple. Just mix up and douse the area with my formula and it will foam up where the urine or contamination is. Real easy and very cheap to do.

removing-dog-urine-odor-from-a -yard-step-one

Here is the link to my formulation right here.

(To mix up a 3.5 gallon bucketĀ  of the product will cost you around 50 cents. Very inexpensive and very powerful)
I developed this formula over a 12 year career in odor removal It is cheap to use and 100% effective. It uses 4 simple house hold ingredients however the ratios are important and the way you mix it.
See below a gentle contamination. Note the white foaming and also the wet concrete. The wet concrete is not contaminated with urine only the white part. EASY AS!!!

Photo shows putting in 1 of the 4 components into a 3.5 gallon (10 litres) bucket ready to treat a yard or BBQ area.

Fold towels first


Step Number two.
Once you have located the area pour some of my formula onto the area and let the chemicals eat the uric acid and salt and more importantly the smell. SO EASY!!!!

Leave for 10 minutes then hose off. Job done

For severe odors
Pour the chemical on and spread it with a broom. You will get a lot of foamingĀ  but let the odor elimination formula soak into the concrete for approximately 10 minutes, then you can safely hose the area

Once you have hosed the concrete do the sniff test and see if you are happy with the results. For severe cases you may need to do a second application and then your concrete area will be clean and smelling fresh again.

Click here to get the formula

Tips for removing dog urine smell from your grass areas

Clean up debris first as shown

How to treat Grass

If your dog has peed on your grass then you can use our DIY formula easily and inexpensively however you will need to douse the area with the product.

You can use the formulation for old urine smells in the grass also.

Another technique is to hose the urine in over the warmer months however this can cause problems if the weather is bad and the soil gets too wet as the urine will not be soaking in and will start to fester away on the surface . If this occurs you can using a pitchfork start to put some holes into your lawn to help drain the water away. Push down deep into the soil.

Quite often a regular hosing of the grass will control the odors if the urine is recent and the grass and soil is dryish. The problems arise in winter when the soil is very wet and the urine is not evaporating off.

Rest assured if the issue gets worse you can always use my amazing DIY formula for removing dog urine odors.

You don’t have to waste anymore money on products that don’t work

* 100% Money Back Warranty

* Pour on and walk away

*Short Online videos showing you how to treat any area with my product

*Just a few cents each application

All the best Ken

16 thoughts on “How to get rid of dog urine smell in yard

  1. Leandro

    My female Golden retriever only urinate in my backyard grass.
    After a couple months doing it the grass is not smelling bad.
    Does you formula works over grass without killing it?
    I have black short grass type in my backyard.

    Thanks, Leandro

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Leandro
      The chemicals will most likely kill the grass if you used them at full concentrated levels however a diluted version of the formulation should be fine. Maybe do a test area first to see the impact if any on the grass as i am not familiar with black grass as you mention. One thing for certain is, you will definately have odor issues if you do nothing. Hope that helps and thanks for your enquiry

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Anne

      You will need to treat the areas affected and if your dog is urinating daily then you would need to do it when the odor starts to build . I would suggest every week possibly but it will be determined by how strong your dogs urine is, how much water he/she drinks etc. You may need to do it daily if it is summer and the dog is peeeing in say the BBQ area which you are using .
      Hard to say how much you will need however it is cheap to make so shouldn’t matter too much

    2. admin Post author

      Hi Anne you will need a lot of product to do a whole yard but it is very cheap to make so no problems there. Thanks Ken

  2. Anne & Gracie

    I have fake grass will this harm this type of grass? And I just want to make sure that you will give instructions on how to find where the odor is coming from… right?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Anne
      It is fine on fake grass although there are different qualities of fake grass so spot test first and leave overnight if you are not sure. I have used it on fake grass many times no issues. Re finding the odor the product will foam when it comes in contact with the urine Hope that helps cheers Ken

  3. Maggi

    Hi Ken.
    will it work on decking as this is the area my puppy uses? – its also the area where we have our barbeques as we dont have a grassed area.
    We live in a flat and our decking is acutually over the garage roof below which is under the decking?
    Underneath the decking the roof is actually covered in tar roof felting and has a waste drain running off the roof into the normal waste sewage.
    The puppy is now four months old and it is starting to really smell bad out there with a strong smell of urine?
    I have been washing it down with soapy water and hose with water for about ten minutes but this only fixes things until the sun comes out.
    The smell chokes me as its like a nasty gas.
    I have to close all the open windows and cant let in any fresh air any more.
    I do walk my puppy to the park but he wont pee outside anywhere and only pees on the decking as its the only area he has known?
    I am worried the tar felting will get melted if the product is strong melts it?
    Or if makes the roof felting break down in any way while using the urine remover?
    Please advise me if you can?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Maggi. The formulation and techniques are perfect for your application and I don’t think it will affect tar felting although I have no experience with tar felting. It should be fine though. Perhaps you could spot test an area overnight and see in the morning if it is has affected the tar. i very much doubt it as tar is very robust but best to be safe. Cheers Ken

    2. admin Post author

      Hi Maggi. I sent you an email but forget to answer it online as well. The formula is perfect for decking and BBQ pavers. I am not familiar with tar felt but If it can tolerate urine and detergents ok it should be fine with the formula.

      maybe just mix up some of the formula and apply it over aperiod of a few days to one area of the felt and see if any damage occurs. Or the other alternative is use the formula just on the deck and let it sit on the deck for 10 minutes then hose the whole lot of with lots of water so the felt is only being subjected to a vert dluted formula. that should be fine cheers ken

  4. Patti G

    Amazing!! I must say that I was skeptical at first but still bought the formula because of the replies from your satisfied customers. I have 6 dogs, three are very old. When I have the dogs at my mom’s house in town, the only yard they have to go potty in is cement. You can imagine the smell. My mom is ill so I am there often. I used to hose off the cement hoping that it would not only get rid of the urine but also the smell. Wrong!! The next door neighbor let us know that they thought we might be having a sewage problem because the smell was horrible and suggested we call a plumber immediately. I was mortified because the last thing I needed was another issue to deal with, the stress of my mother’s failing health was almost more than I could handle already. I started surfing the internet and came across your web sight. I cannot thank you enough! It works!! The neighbors thanked me for quickly taking care of the “sewage” problem, I never did tell her it was my dogs! No more worries!

    1. admin Post author

      Very kind of you to comment Patti. We appreciate your feedback very much. Hope your Mum gets well soon Cheers Ken


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