How to get rid of dog smell in house

My house stinks of dog, how can I get rid of the smell?

Hi Ken the Odor Dude here. This is a common question we get asked and one that we do a lot of work on out in the field. The good news is you can remove it quite easily when you know how and below I have detailed the system we use so you can follow along. We are not talking about dog urine odor here just general dog odor. Click here for dog urine odor removal. Any questions we are here to help so feel free to ask away.

Client Comment 2013
Absolutely amazing Ken. Our friends were complaining about the dog odor in our apartment when they come over for dinner ( which we could not really notice) so after a few remarks we got the hint and decided to get rid of it. I have heard that dog smell is really hard to remove but we used your techniques and formula and it was easy and 100% successful. The foaming in the carpet was amazing and  the pong has completely gone. Now I can have my guest over with out feeling embarrassed or guilty. Thanks Ken you are a star in our eyes.

Kara Wright Brentwood LA

Dog smell can be very unpleasant in the home particularly on humid warm days where the odor builds and really starts to honk. Dog odor has the complication of many dog owners not being able to smell it as they live with it each day so finding the source of the smell becomes very important. We have a simple free solution for that .

The “dog smell” is not usually right across the whole carpet (many carpet cleaners will tell you this). It is normally confined to the dogs favorite areas.
The odor will spread however if you steam clean the carpet so DON’T get the carpet cleaner in just yet!. First you must find the source of the smell and spot treat it with our technique below. 99% of the time the odor comes from the various “favorite ” areas that your hound relaxes in around the house and you will already know about these but see below for how to locate the other areas using our secret technique.

What causes dog smell in carpet?

There are two main reasons for dog odor in a house.

1. The first and worst odor comes from the anal glands secreting a disgusting smelling fluid that will penetrate deep into carpet and furniture fibers causing a rank smell that will continue to cause problems for years to come.

2. The second issue comes from the oil in the dogs coat which once again will penetrate carpet  fibers and cause a slightly less obnoxious odor but never the less an odor that will stick around for a  very long time. Owners get used to it and even on warn days they don’t notice it as much as some one entering the home for the first time.

How to get rid of dog smell

Step One.

Find the worst offending areas by either sniffing the carpet (UGH!!) or mixing up our product and gently spraying the top of the carpet looking for white foaming as shown below. The residues will react with the chemical and produce a light white foam which indicates dog odor. This is an example shown on a car floor and the dogs backside has been in this spot many times.

Spray the flooring in your house, the couch, and anywhere you suspect may be producing odor and look for foaming.

Step Two.
Once you have found the odor areas you will need to treat it with formula two. Spray a heavy application onto the surface and let the chemical do its work while you have a cup of coffee.

After 10 minutes use either a  wet vacuum  to extract out the residues or simply put a folded up towel on the spot and stand on it for 2 minutes moving your feet to make sure all the residues are sucked up.

Step Three.
Do the sniff test again and determine if you have managed to remove all the dog odor. Any doubt repeat the exercise by spraying a heavy application on the top of the carpet and extract with a carpet extraction machine while injecting warm water at the same time and helps the machine to extract all the waste. Or use a towel as shown below (wet vac will always be more effective)



Fold towels first then stand on them. Make sure they are folded when standing on so they mop up more. The user in this photo did not fold first!!



A lot of people recommend spraying the house with air fresheners which will only be a temporary solution to your dog odor issue, the same as putting shake vacs and those types of products into the carpet. They will only mask the odor for a very short time and not actually do anything to contribute to removing the contaminants that are causing the problem in the first place. You must find the source of the odor i.e the actual areas of the carpet that are contaminated and from there treat those areas.

Good luck. Any questions we are here to help

4 thoughts on “How to get rid of dog smell in house

  1. Kyrenes Howarth

    hi ken, I purchased your formula last night through pay pal and got to see it for about a minute. I could not copy and thought it would be on my email. Do you think you could send it to me. Thanks so much. Looking forward to a dog free smell.


    Ken – Your ad explains how to remove dog urine odor from carpeting, but exactly how would you remove it from the side of a sofa after a male dog has lifted his leg and urinated on it?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi in that situation you would put a formula into a spray bottle (make sure you wear gloves) and spray the side of the couch. . Port a towel on the floor to catch a run off. If the accident has just happened or was recent use formula 1.

      Hope that helps. Thanks ken


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