How to get dog urine smell out of carpet

Do you have problems getting rid of dog urine odors in carpet, your vehicle, clothing, furniture and more?

Hi It is Ken The Odor Dude here.

Ken The Odor Dude

Ken The Odor Dude

After over 12 years of removing dog urine smell out of carpet I am pleased to share with you the easy and simple technique that we use when we professionally clean carpets.
The secret to removing the dog pee from carpet is to break down the urine first then extract it out with a wet vacuum or just use towels to soak it up . It works like a charm and anybody can do this.


How to remove dog pee odor from carpet

Step One.  Find where the exact place where the urine is.
Urine is best detected by mixing some of the DIY chemical formula and spray a fine mist around the floor until you see white foaming as shown below.

Dog or cat urine in the floor reacting with chemicals

Dog or cat urine in the floor reacting with chemicals after a light spray

Step Two. Mix up the formulation and treat the area

Treat the affected area with a generous amount of urine neutralizing formulation. Douse it and let it do its work. We use our own formulation which I recommend and it is very cheap to make. About 1/20th of the price of products in the shop and only contains 4 chemicals that you most likely have in your home already. Costs just cents per application

Removing dog urine smells in carpet

The professionals secret is to put down as much chemical as there is urine and as it is so cheap to make you don’t need to worry about wasting it. Be generous!




Step 3 Remove the urine contaminants and formulation with towels or a wet vac

Extract the dog or cat urine

If the floor foams up again you know you need to apply more chemical as there is more urine then chemical. I hope that makes sense. in other words you need as much chemical as there is urine in the floor.
Below is pictured a severe case of dog urine and note how much foaming there is. This took 5 applications with extraction before we were able to remove all the urine.

Severe Dog Urine Contamination

Severe Dog urine odor second application


Step Four

Measure your results by sniffing the treated area after 10 minutes or so. If you can still smell dog or cat urine then apply another treatment of chemical. If you have a minor contamination then the smell will be totally gone after one treatment as the chemical breaks down all the urine without damaging the carpet.

To dry the area once you are happy stand on folded towels and put pressure on the carpet or better still if the budget allows flush the area with warm water and immediately flush and suck up the residues with a good quality wet vacuum cleaner as shown

I learned many years ago how to get dog urine smell out of carpet when I was working as a professional odor remover. The company I worked for had a range of products for getting dog and cat urine smell out of carpet and these expensive chemicals were very ineffective. I had a background in chemicals so I was able to experiment with various simple formulations to see what was the most effective for removing dog urine smells. I discovered that using simple household chemicals was safe for carpet and highly effective.

The secret is though to get the right mix and the right ingredients.

When we do work we also share tips with the dog owners of how to get dog urine smell out of carpet and how to to train your dog not to urinate inside the house. You can treat items like concrete floors, vehicles, furniture, shoes, floors, curtains and so on

Unfortunately these days we have carpet and carpet is so porous and absorbent making it a challenge to remove urine from.

The best thing is you can use household chemicals to remove the odor and the stain. WE use a 4 part formulation that you can make yourself easily and effectively using simple chemicals that are easily available.
Dog urine odors can be so upsetting and destructive to a family home and the worst thing is your beloved pet is not urinating intentionally to upset you. There are many reasons why dogs urinate inside a home but let’s not get into that now. All you need to know is how to remove the urine smells from carpet, furniture, concrete and other areas instantly and effectively

Are you sick of searching for a solution to your dog urine smells online?I want to reassure you that you need not search for a solution any longer as I will give you access to my personal tips, techniques to give you the best solution that is guaranteed to get rid of the dog urine smell easily and effectively today. Click here now

Dog urine in carpet can be very challenging to remove unless you know the insider methods. Here is how a professional odor remover removes dog pee odor from a carpet. This works and anybody can do it with ease!

Why am I doing this ?

I get so frustrated by misinformation and poor techniques on the internet and I also get sick of cleaning up the home DIY methods that continue to fail so I decided to put this website up and reveal my methods.

This is 1000’s of hours of experience compacted into simple step by step lessons and videos for you and today you can access this information.

here is some feedback

Severe Cat Urine in rug.
This is nothing short of a miracle! Our shaggy rug has been used as an indoor toilet stop for our 5 cats for the last 6 months. I have tried almost everything on the market to treat pet urine including the usual recommendations of vinegar, baking soda and several so called miracle substances. Nothing had worked and I was always left with a slightly changed version of the original smell.. I was at my wits end and ready to throw out the rug as I considered it too contaminated to ever be cleaned. The result is miraculous! I now have a very clean and fresh smelling rug – no trace of pee odor at all. I am extremely impressed and would recommend this to even the most skeptical. This is the only thing I can find that has delivered as promised – I should know I have tried almost all of them!



Having had experience with the enduring aroma of cat urine in our previous house, and the many failed attempts at trying to eradicate it completely using various products that claim success in this area, I was more than a little upset when returning home in my nearly new car after a visit to the vet with our cat, the aforementioned animal decided to empty its bladder on the car seat. I knew from experience that it was virtually impossible to remove the smell of cats urine and I had visions of climbing into the car on a hot summer’s day and being overwhelmed with the odor.

I should now say the smell “was” virtually impossible to remove. After returning home I immediately searched Google for a remedy to my problem. I found it here. The smell entirely disappeared and now, two weeks later, there is still no trace of it which, as far as I am concerned, proves its worth as I have tried other products in the past which temporarily mask the smell but as they wear off the smell returns.

This the only permanent solution I have found.

Chris Martin

How to find where urine is in a carpet

Finding the actual contamination’s can be very tricky. A humans nose can become acclimatised and this makes it difficult to locate the actual area where the odor is. Urine is best detected by mixing some of the DIY chemical formula and spray a fine mist around the floor until you see white foaming. It will look like the image below where I have sprayed the floor and waited for the chemicals to react. Around 3-5 minutes is fine. The area where the urine contamination is can be seen clearly in white as the urine has reacted with the formulation. If there is no foam there won’t be urine there. (Not the case with new urine i.e the accident just happened)

How much chemical should you use?

The answer is apply as much chemical as there was urine. If you cat peed there and it was once then you will only need a small amount (around 1/2 cup) . If you cat or dog peed 20 times there you will need much more (x 20) approximately. What we do is apply the chemical and wait 5-10 minutes. We then apply it again. If there is no foaming we know we have solved the problem.

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