Dog urine smell removal from a car

Ken The Odor Dude

Ken The Odor Dude

“My car has dog urine in it and we have had it professionally cleaned but the smell keeps getting worse! What should i do?”

This is a question we get asked on a regular basis so here is the solution?

Dog urine smells terrible and we have worked out a very simple system to remove the dog urine and the smell.

Removal professional on how to remove dog urine smells and stains from your vehicle.

dog urine odor in car

Tips  for removing dog urine smells from your car

No 1

First find where the dog urine smell is coming from

So often we get cars given to us that have already been valeted by professional car cleaners and they have missed the spot where the urine is.

There are two ways to find the dog urine odor. The first is to sniff the areas and find it that way or if you want the easy way then mix up my dog urine odor remover and gently spray the floor of the car behind the passenger seat and the seats looking for white foaming as shown below with the example of cat urine.

This is a typical example of what should happen when you apply our formulation (contains 4 secret ingredients sued by us daily). The example shown below is with cat urine however it is identical to dog urine. Note the foaming on the seat where the chemical has been applied

cat urine in a seat

Tip No 2

Use as much dog urine removal chemical as there is urine.Click here to get the formulation

Once you have located the dog urine odor area mark it with a piece of chalk so you don’t forget where it is and then mix up formula two . Now you will need to take a guess as to how much urine is there and this can be tested by the amount of foaming when you apply the product ( the more foaming you get the more urine is there)

Don’t just spray the top of the carpet as this will not neutralize the dog urine that is inside the carpet fibers and the car seats.  Dog urine penetrates right into the deepest part of all fabric fibres and because the viscosity of dog urine is like oil it will completely saturate the carpet and start producing very bad dog urine odor. Therefore you need to make sure the dog urine odor remover penetrates right into the carpet and the foam in the seats.

BE GENEROUS with your application as it costs just cents to make it anyway so why not use it?

Tip Number 3.

Extract out the residues

We discussed using alot of chemical the same as if you were treating concrete surfaces you need to use 5 times as much product as there is urine. Like concrete car seats and flooring also suck up dog urine like a sponge and will produce nasty odor if left untreated. We get asked regularly how to get rid of dog urine smell in people cars.

Ok so you have doused the area and you have  a lot of foaming going on.

Leave the chemical for 10 minutes and then extract the whole lot out with a wet vac or just use folded towels to soak it all up


Place the towels on top of the chemical and push down as hard as you can.

Once you are done repeat the process for severe cases and your car will be smelling like a rose again!

When you mix up the formula be sure to add a little dish washing detergent which will help the dog urine smell remover penetrate right into the car seats. You will notice  alot of foaming when you first put the product down which is completely normal.

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