Dog urine odor removal tips

Dog urine consists of 4 main ingredients, two of which are very difficult to neutralize unless you have the correct product.

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Hi I am Ken The Odor Dude and dog urine odor removal is my specialty.

Ken The Odor Dude

Ken The Odor Dude

In fact it is very easy to neutralize both old and new dog urine and I have spent many hours in the field devising a method that you can use yourself. It is simple, very cost effective and anyone can do this.

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When I first started neutralizing dog urine odor I found that a lot of products that claimed to neutralize dog urine did not work and this was why I spent so much time struggling in the field. The products were expensive and close to useless. This was why I had to devise a unique system and learn what to do over the years and you can learn these unique techniques also.

Dog Urine smell odor removalOdor removal Tip No 1.

Don’t just spray the top of the carpet. Urine penetrates in to the deepest layers so use plenty of odor control product.

Odor removal Tip No 2.

Spend time finding the source of the odor. Don’t rush this step as if you miss a bit it will cause frustration later on. To find where the urine is simply spray the carpet and the product will foam up so you can clearly see where to treat it. See demo below

Spraying the odor control product

Spray our Odor Control product to locate urine

I also spend time with dog owners helping them not only neutralize the dog urine but also help them to train their dogs not to urinate inside the car or home. Better to treat the cause of the problem than to keep treating urine. Dog urine smells very bad and if left for long periods or not neutralized properly then the smell will develop and become very toxic.

How to remove dog urine odor

How to remove dog urine odor

Don’t let your dog urine smell and odors get any worse . Take some positive action and learn how to neutralize the dog urine odor yourself.

Thanks for reading this. Below are 5 top tips for removing dog urine odor and cat urine odor also. The odor control product works on dog urine and cat urine (plus human urine)



Cheers Ken The Odor Dude

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